Joseph R. Craig, DDS





John S. Zapp, D.D.S., Executive Director
American Dental Association

Dear Dr. Zapp,

I’m sure you get your share of complaints about members of your profession. Don’t worry. This is not a complaint.
A close family member of mine had some serious dental problems. She visited a dentist (covered on her insurance plan) who told her to go to an oral surgeon and get all of her teeth pulled. We decided against this. She is only 25 years old.

So we went to Dr. Joseph Craig of St. Petersburg, Florida, who was not part of her insurance plan. Dr. Craig told her not to worry and set up a long-range plan of action and started work. He had to pull two teeth, but he rebuilt the rest with root canals, crowns and bridges.

We were in his office many times throughout this course of treatment and he was always helpful and sympathetic. Her teeth are fine now, thanks to Dr. Craig.

I’m sure it is easy for a dentist to start viewing patients as just numbers, but Dr. Craig always treated her with respect. Now, you’ve got to remember she hates going to the dentist. That is how her teeth got in bad shape in the first place.

If Dr. Craig wasn’t such a decent human being, she would have never made it through all those hour-long sessions. So, in closing, I don’t know if the American Dental Association has an All Star Team, but if you do, I nominate Dr. Joseph Craig. Rest assured, I am not related and my bill is paid in full. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Terry Tomalin
Outdoors Editor
Tampa Bay Times

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for the way everyone has helped me keep my teeth. I had considered getting dentures and Dr. Craig said he could fix the problems. Ten years later I still have my teeth (no dentures or partials). Emergency Care, cleaning appointments, Dr. Craig is MY dentist for the rest of my life. I forgot to mention affordability. Fair prices for Great Work.

-Rick Jacobs, Computer Engineer

I had lost the filling in my last tooth and had gone to a different dentist who told me that I needed a root canal but they didn’t perform them. So, I found Dr. Craig and went to him for a root canal. To my surprise he was able to save my tooth from a root canal. Not only did he save my tooth, but he filled it and shaped it perfectly with precisely the right amount of space between my teeth. It’s been a few weeks and I’m still in awe of the beautiful work he has done. When I look at my tooth with a mirror, I’m totally amazed at how my tooth looks very natural, it doesn’t even look like I have a filling. I couldn’t be more thankful. Dr. Craig has earned merits of good karma for his honesty and doing good for others.

-Frank Mavro

I consider Dr. Craig the most honest dentist I had to deal with in my entire life. I am still extremely surprised that he did not suggest to redo all of my fillings, as that always happens when you see a new dentist. I feel very comfortable with him. He did a great job for my husband, as well. The team is wonderful and more than willing to accommodate. Thank you all!

-Florina Cimpean, MD

I have always been very happy with Dr. Craig’s knowledge and professionalism. My recent visits, one for a crown that fell out, and the second to repair of cracked tooth were handled with great dispatch, and superior craftsmanship. Dr. Craig is a great dentist! And a nice man!

-Jay Lewis, Accountant

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